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Image:conn_idc26m.gif 26 PIN IDC MALE at the Video card

Pin Name Description
1 PD0 DAC Pixel Data Bit 0 (PB)
2 PD1 DAC Pixel Data Bit 1 (PG)
3 PD2 DAC Pixel Data Bit 2 (PR)
4 PD3 DAC Pixel Data Bit 3 (PI)
5 PD4 DAC Pixel Data Bit 4 (SB)
6 PD5 DAC Pixel Data Bit 5 (SG)
7 PD6 DAC Pixel Data Bit 6 (SR)
8 PD7 DAC Pixel Data Bit 7 (SI)
9 CLK DAC Clock
10 BLK DAC Blanking
11 HSYNC Horizontal Sync
12 VSYNC Vertical Sync
13 GND Ground
14 GND Ground
15 GND Ground
16 GND Ground
17 Select Internal Video When high pins 1-8 are outputs, when low they are inputs. This pin has an internal pull-up
18 Select Internal Sync When high pins 10-12 are outputs. This pin has an internal pull-up
19 Select Internal Dot Clock When high pin 9 is an output. This pin has an internal pull-up
20 n/c Not used
21 GND Ground
22 GND Ground
23 GND Ground
24 GND Ground
25 n/c Not used
26 n/c Not used


Category:Computer Video Connectors


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