S-Video 7 PIN

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7 PIN S-Video MINI-DIN Female 7 PIN S-Video MINI-DIN Female

7 PIN S-Video MINI-DIN Male 7 PIN S-Video MINI-DIN Male

This connector is widely used on ATI and other graphics cards for s-video and composite signals.

Pin Name Description
1 GND Ground (Y)
2 GND Ground (C)
3 Y Intensity (Luminance)
4 C Color (Chrominance)
5 - -
6 V Composite Video
7 VGND Composite Ground


  • Those 7 pin connectors seen on some PC graphics cards are non-standard connectors for carrying S-video.
  • Generally the first four pins on those 7-pin connectors on the same places as the standard four pin S-video connector have practically always the same fuctionality as those pins in S-video connector.
  • The other three pins can have then some extra signals which are not part of S-video (usually some pins of those carry composite video and some control signals, but the use of those three extra pins vary quite much).


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