Apple Macintosh II Video (8,4,1 bit)

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Image:connector_dsub15f.png 15 pin D-SUB female connector at the videocard.

Image:connector_dsub15m.png 15 pin D-SUB male connector at the cable.

This connector is used on the Macintosh II Video Card (4 and 8 bit) and Monochrome Video Card (1 bit).

Pin Signal Description
1 RED.GND Red video ground
2 RED.VID Analog Red video
3 CSYNC/ Composite sync
4 SYNC.GND Sync signal ground
5 GRN.VID Analog Green video
6 GRN.GND Green video ground
7 N/C No connection
8 N/C No connection
9 BLU.VID Analog Blue video
10 N/C No connection
11 N/C No connection
12 N/C No connection
13 BLU.GND Blue signal ground
14 N/C No connection
15 N/C No connection
shield Shield ground


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