Apple Display Connector (ADC, Apple Digital) Video

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Image:connector_adc_microcross35f.png 35 pin Apple ADC “MicroCross” female connector at the Apple computer.

Image:connector_adc_microcross35m.png 35 pin Apple ADC “MicroCross” male connector at the cable.

The Apple Display Connector (ADC) is a proprietary modification of the DVI connector that combines analog and digital video signals, USB, and power all in one cable. Apple used ADC for their flat panel LCDs and their final CRT display, before deciding to use

Pin Function Pin Function
1 25V Supply 16 T.M.D.S. Data1/3 Shield
2 25V Supply 17 T.M.D.S. Data3-
3 LED 18 T.M.D.S. Data3+
4 T.M.D.S. Data0- 19 DDC Clock
5 T.M.D.S. Data0+ 20 Clock Return
6 T.M.D.S. Data0/5 Shield 21 USB Data+
7 T.M.D.S. Data5- 22 USB Data-
8 T.M.D.S. Data5+ 23 USB Return
9 DDC Data 24 T.M.D.S. Data2-
10 Vertical Sync 25 T.M.D.S. Data2+
11 25V Return 26 T.M.D.S. Data2/4 Shield
12 25V Return 27 T.M.D.S. Data4-
13 Soft Power 28 T.M.D.S. Data4+
14 T.M.D.S. Data1- 29 Clock+
15 T.M.D.S. Data1+ 30 Clock-
MicroCross Pins
Pin Function
C1 Analog Blue Video
C2 Analog Green Video
C3 Analog Horizontal Sync
C4 Analog Red Video
C5 Analog RGB Return and
DDC Return


  • DDC = Display Data Channel.
  • T.M.D.S. = Transition Minimized Differential Signal.
  • USB = Universal Serial Bus


An ADC display accepts only digital input signals. As such, the appropriate connector can only be used with a graphics card which provides digital output. This connector does not support connections from graphics adapters providing Analog-only (VGA) output.

A monitor using an ADC connector can be directly connected to a graphics card which provides an ADC output. Additionally, an ADC monitor may be connected to a graphics card providing a DVI-I or DVI-D output when used with a third party adapter. DVI to ADC adapters should be available directly from Apple or from most local Apple-Authorized Dealers.


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