KODAK Camera DC40 DC50 DC120 DC240 DC280 DC3400 DC5000 Serial

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This is the layout of the Kodak digital camera interface cable to a pc serial port, (used by KODAK DC40, DC50, DC120, DC240, DC280, DC3400, DC5000, RCA CDS4100, VIVITAR 3500, ROLLEI Model D7COM) to download the stored images from camara to pc.

Minidin 8 pin male MINIDIN 8 PIN MALE - to the digital camera

9 PIN D-SUB FEMALE 9 PIN D-SUB FEMALE - to the PC serial port

Minidin 8 Pin DB9 Pin
1 -
2 -
3 1
4 3
5 2
6 -
7 4
8 1


  • Pins 5,6,7,8 of the DB9 are joined together, while pin 9 is Not Connected.


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