Chatterbox noise reducing headset

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Image:connector_minidin6m.png 6 pin mini-DIN male (PS/2 STYLE) connector at the helmet-side cable.

Pinout for the Chatterbox in-helmet Noise Reducing (stereo) headset, as used with Chatterbox FRS X2 and GMRS X1 radios.

Pin Name Direction Description
1 - Spk - Speaker Ground
2 + Mic - Microphone Positive
3 + R.Spk - Right Speaker Positive
4 - Mic - Microphone Negative
5 + L.Spk - Left Speaker Positive
6 N/C - No Connection

The above information was received from Chatterbox USA.

While building an adapter based on this information, I found that the “+ L.Spk” and “+ R.Spk” connections appear to be reversed from the above. In other words, “+ L.Spk” is pin 3 and “+ R.Spk” is pin 5. I will send this information to Chatterbox USA for their response. If others find that my observation is correct (L/R are reversed from what the chart says) then please post a comment in the discussion tab to that effect so I can update the chart (or update the chart directly and remove this note entirely.)


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