GM Overhead Monitor for DVD system

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Here is the pinout configuration to enable use of this Panasonic overhead DVD Monitor in ANY VEHICLE. Not limited to ‘07-‘09 GM vehicles! GM Part #’s: 15948136 15294214 15293772 and possibly more!

300px 10 pin connector at cable

Pin Description Color
1 Video Input + white
2 Video Input - black
3 NC
4 NC
5 Dual Control (GM) green
6 Ground (-) black
7 Batt (+12V) yellow
8 Display Enable (+12V) red
9 Brightness control (GM) blue
10 Mode Control (GM) orange


  • For video you need pins 1 and 2, plus power (ground to pin 6 and +12V power to pins 7 and 8). Pin 7 should be constant +12V and pin 8 should be your switch (+12V turn on the display).


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