XLR Audio / Light Controller 5 pin

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Image:connector_xlr5m.png 5 pin XLR male connector.

Image:connector_xlr5f.png 5 pin XLR female connector.

XLR 5 pin connector is used for different audio applications. The following table shows common pinouts for: Canford Talkback 2cct headset, CMX, DMX, PMX, SMX, Strand ColourCall scroller.

Application 1 2
AVAB SignalGround Data -
CCT Regal II (Dimmer Control) 0 Volts DMXData -
CCT Regal II (Coloursette Control) 0 Volts DMXData -
CMX SignalGround Data -
DMX512 Screen Data -Primary
PMX Screen Signal
SMX Screen Data -
Strand Colour Call Scroller DMX&nbspOV DMX +
TecPro2ch Headset MicScreen MicSignal


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