Atari Jaguar Audio/Video

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     1A  2A  3A  4A  5A  6A  7A  8A  9A  10A  11A  12A 
     1B  2B  3B  4B  5B  6B  7B  8B  9B  10B  11B  12B 

12 PIN Connector at the Atari.

Pin Name Description
1A AL Audio Left
2A AGND Audio Ground
3A GND Ground
4A GND (chroma) Ground (Chroma)
5A B RGB Blue
6A HSYNC Horizontal sync
7A G RGB Green
8A CHROMA Chroma
9A GND ??? Ground ???
10A +5V ??? +5 VDC ???
11A +5V ??? +5 VDC ???
12A ? ?
1B AR Right audio
3B GND Ground
4B R RGB Red
5B CSYNC Composite (Vertical) Sync
6B ? ?
7B LGND Luminance Ground
8B LUM Luminance
9B GND Ground
10B CVBSGND Composite Video Ground
11B CVBS Composite Video
12B ? ?


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