RS-422 ADAT sync

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connector or cable wiring Alesis ADAT synchronization cable

9 pin D-SUB female connector layout 9 pin D-SUB female connector to the controller

9 pin D-SUB female connector diagram 9 pin D-SUB female connector to the controller

This pinout is for a “sony” type 422 control of an alesis box, in addition to the “ADAT SYNC”. The source “ADAT SYNC” is straight through, but it is not a “422” pinout. There are four pairs of diffrering signals. Word clock, time code, control data, response data. pin 1-shields, pins 2 and 6 paired, pins 3 and 7 paired, pins 4 and 8 paired, pins 5 and 9 paired.The interface connector is a 9-pin D-subminiature female connector. The pin assignment for the CONTROLLER and DEVICE is as shown in the following table.

Controller Pin name Controller Pin Direction Device Pin Device Pin name Description
Ground 1 - 1 Ground
Receive A 2 IN 2 Transmit A
Transmit B 3 OUT 3 Receive B
Transmit Common 4 OUT 4 Receive Common
Spare 5 - 5 Spare
Receive Common 6 IN 6 Transmit Common
Receive B 7 IN 7 Transmit B
Transmit A 8 OUT 8 Receive A
Ground 9 - 9 Ground



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