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IDE = Integrated Drive Electronics

Developed by Compaq and Western Digital. Newer version of IDE goes under the name ATA=AT bus Attachment. Often, the control circuitry is built into the motherboard, eliminating the requirement for a separate Host Adapter. There are 2 types of IDE interfaces…those for the 8-bit XT bus, and those for the 16-bit AT bus (detailed here). The cable for IDE contains 40 conductors and has no twists. Like an SCSI cable, the IDE cable uses a Dual-row Pin connector for both ends. A single cable may be used to connect two drives, or two cables may be Daisy-Chained. Most IDE Host Adapters will support two hard drives. The first drive should be jumpered as the Master drive, and the second as the Slave drive. Plug-in IDE Host Adapters are often called Paddle-Boards, and may contain a floppy controller, and serial and parallel ports.

Image:conn_idc40m.gif 40 PIN IDC MALE at the controller and peripherals

Image:conn_idc40f.gif 40 PIN IDC FEMALE at the cable

Pin Name Dir Description
1 /RESET OUT Reset
2 GND - Ground
3 DD7 IN/OUT Data 7
4 DD8 IN/OUT Data 8
5 DD6 IN/OUT Data 6
6 DD9 IN/OUT Data 9
7 DD5 IN/OUT Data 5
8 DD10 IN/OUT Data 10
9 DD4 IN/OUT Data 4
10 DD11 IN/OUT Data 11
11 DD3 IN/OUT Data 3
12 DD12 IN/OUT Data 12
13 DD2 IN/OUT Data 2
14 DD13 IN/OUT Data 13
15 DD1 IN/OUT Data 1
16 DD14 IN/OUT Data 14
17 DD0 IN/OUT Data 0
18 DD15 IN/OUT Data 15
19 GND - Ground
20 KEY - Key
21 n/c - Not connected
22 GND - Ground
23 /IOW OUT Write Strobe
24 GND - Ground
25 /IOR OUT Read Strobe
26 GND - Ground
28 ALE OUT Address Latch Enable
29 n/c - Not connected
30 GND - Ground
31 IRQR IN Interrupt Request
32 /IOCS16 ? IO ChipSelect 16
33 DA1 OUT Address 1
34 n/c - Not connected
35 DA0 OUT Address 0
36 DA2 OUT Address 2
37 /IDE_CS0 OUT (1F0-1F7)
38 /IDE_CS1 OUT (3F6-3F7)
39 /ACTIVE OUT Led driver
40 GND - Ground


  • Direction is Controller relative Devices (Harddisks)


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