Keyboard XT 5 pin

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5 PIN DIN 180° (DIN41524) FEMALE 5 PIN DIN 180° (DIN41524) FEMALE at the computer.

Pin Name Description Technical
1 CLK Clock CLK/CTS, Open-collector
2 DATA Data RxD, Open-collector
3 /RESET Reset
4 GND Ground
5 VCC +5 VDC


  • Clock: This signal is sent from the keyboard to synchronise the data signal.
  • Data: Keyboard scan codes are sent from the keyboard to the computer on this single wire serially.
  • Reset: This signal is rarely used and many keyboards don’t even connect it. It was used to let the computer reset the keyboard. The PS/2 design from IBM even abandonned it from it’s new connector.
  • +5 Vdc: This is a simple 5 volts signal for giving power to the keyboard.
  • Ground: This is a common ground signal used as a return path for data and is a reference to logical 0.


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