ATI Radeon VGA to TV cable schematic

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video cable wiring allows to connect ATI VGA to TV SCART. ATI RADEONs and some old Matrox card can generate a

9 pin D-SUB male connector layout 9 pin D-SUB male connector to the videocard

21 pin SCART male connector diagram 21 pin SCART male connector to the TV

NOT sure it’s working.This connection method to obtain very nice picture quality.

Pin Signal Description
1 15 red
2 11 green
3 7 blue
6 13 Red return
7 9 Green return
8 5 Blue return
9 8 pins 8 and 16 are connected via R=75Ohm
10 17 Composite sync return
13 20 Composite sync
chassis 21 ground
Audio OUT (from soundcard)
jack/1 6
jack/2 2
jack/3 4

There are two different wirings used in SCART sockets found on the backs of TVs. The original SCART socket allowed input of either composite or RGB video. Later, as S-video emerged, an ‘evolved’ SCART socket began to appear that allowed input of either S or composite video. This scheme requires the use of an RGB-capable SCART socket! Some TV have 3 SCART sockets - the first is a black coloured socket that is wired for composite and RGB video and the others are orange coloured sockets that are wired for S and composite video. Older or lower-end sets with one SCART socket are usually wired for composite and RGB video.



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