Ethernet AUI

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For flexibility, some Cisco routers provide a generic AUI connector for Ethernet ports. These AUI ports are designed to connect to an external transceiver for conversion to a specific media type (e.g. twisted pair, coax, or fiber). The transceiver may either be directly connected to the AUI port or through an AUI Cable as illustrated below:

DB15 to DB15 Ethernet (AUI) Port Pinout (DB-15)

Pin1 Ethernet Circuit Signal
3 DO-A Data Out Circuit A
10 DO-B Data Out Circuit B
11 DO-S Data Out Circuit Shield
5 DI-A Data In Circuit A
12 DI-B Data In Circuit B
4 DI-S Data In Circuit Shield
2 CI-A Control In Circuit A
9 CI-B Control In Circuit B
1 CI-S Control In Circuit Shield
6 VC Voltage Common
13 VP Voltage Plus
14 VS Voltage Shield (L25 and M25)
Shell PG Protective Ground


  • (1) Any pin not referenced is not connected.


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