PCI Express (PCIe) 6pin power

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This connector is used to provide extra 12 volt power to PCI Express expansion cards. Many video cards draw significantly more than 75 watts provided by the motherboard slot, so the 6 pin PCI Express power cable was created. These high-power cards draw most of their power from the 12 volt rail so this cable provides only 12 volts. These are sometimes called “PCI Express cables”. They are also occasionally called “PEG cables” where “PEG” stands for PCI Express Graphics.

6 pin PCIe power connector at the cable 6 pin PCIe power connector at the cable.

Pin Name Color Description
1 12V yellow +12 V
2 12V or NC yellow +12 V or not connected
3 12V yellow +12 V
4 GND black Ground
5 GND black Ground
6 GND black Ground

Connector part numbers

  • Video card connector: Molex 45558-0002
  • Cable connector: Molex 45559-0002
  • Terminals: Molex 39-00-0168, Molex 44476-1111
  • Maximum current per circuit: 8 amps


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