2003 - 2005 Infiniti G35 Sedan and Coupe ECU

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NOTOC The ECU - Electronic Control Unit is an embedded system that controls one or more of the electrical systems or subsystems in a vehicle.

2003 Infiniti G35 Sedan (automatic transmission) with Vehicle Serials Numbers (part of the VIN) of 327918, 327920, 327976, 327978, 328979, 329004, 329025, 329078, and all serials from 329288. All 2003, 2004, 2004.5, and 2005 Infiniti G35 Sedan, Infiniti G35 Coupe, and Nissan 350z Coupe models (automatic and manual transmissions).

Built-in Sensors

ECU - Electronic Control Unit ConnectorImage:connector_car_2003_5_G35_350z_image002.png ECU - Electronic Control Unit Connector.

Terminal Sensor Name Wire Color Voltage*’ Range*' Conversion factors,
62 RPM Signal - Ignition Coil Cyl #1 (RPM) Yellow/Red N/A N/A*
23 Injector Duty Cycle (Dwell) - Inj. #1 (DWELL) Red/Black N/A* N/A*
34 Intake air temperature sensor (IAT) Yellow/Green Approx.
0 - 4.8V
234 ° F (112 ° C) = 0V
-3 ° F (-19 ° C) = 5V
50 Throttle position sensor (TP) Green 0.36-4.75V -17% = 0V
120% = 5V **
73 Engine coolant temperature Sensor (ECT) Brown/Yellow 0-4.8V 238 ° F (114 ° C) = 0V
-5 ° F (-21 ° C) = 5V
51 Mass air flow sensor (MAF) Light Green 1.1-5V N/N
106 Accelerator pedal position sensor (APP) Green/Orange Approx.
-17% = 0V
120% = 5V **


  • * Not applicable. A built-in LMA-3 sensor used.
  • **** TP and APP sensor values are approximate. Verify the raw voltage with the pedal depressed and released on your own car and use those voltage values for 100% and 0% TP/APP, respectively.
  • Disconnect the negative battery terminal before unplugging the ECU connector. The ECU (ECM) can be found under the passenger-side glove compartment. After unplugging the connector, remove the locking lever by snapping it out of its anchors in the middle of the connector. Remove the outer harness ‘collar’ that helps retain the wire bundle in place. Locate the appropriate wires for the desired sensors that you want to use according to the terminal number and the wire color.

For Nissan 350z vehicles only

Because the 350z vehicles are equipped with oil pressure gauges rather than low pressure warning lights (as is the case with Infiniti G35 vehicles), they possess a have a full blown oil pressure sensor (instead of a pressure switch) with a 0-5V analog output. In order to log this value, you will need to tap the terminal (and a ground lead) at the triple meter as described below. This sensor is just like every other sensor described above, however it has yet to be tested. Check for an updated version of this document in the coming weeks for specific information (test results and voltage scaling).


Terminal Sensor Name Wire Color Voltage Range Conversion factors,
8 (at the triple meter) Oil Pressure Sensor Light Green/Red Approx. 1-5V N/A*

Automatic Transmission Sensors

ECU - Electronic Control Unit ConnectorImage:connector_car_2003_5_G35_350z_image010.png

Terminal Sensor Name Wire Color Voltage Range Conversion factors for LogWorks
8 ATF Temp Sensor 1 Black/Orange 0-2.x 32 ° F (0 ° C) = 2.2V
176 ° F (80 ° C) = 0.6V
(normal operating temps 50-80 ° C, or 122-176 ° F).
17 ATF Temp Sensor 2 Green/Red 0-2.x 32 ° F (0 ° C) = 2.2V
176 ° F (80 ° C) = 0.45V
(normal operating temps 50-80 ° C, or 122-176 ° F).


  • Some useful temperature information can be found by tapping the TCM (Transmission Control Module) harness.
  • This information is for 2003 and 2004 (Sedans: VIN up to and including E*4M600000 & F*4M700000; Coupes VIN up to and including 800000) Infiniti G35s only. The TCM appears to be built into the transmission housing itself for 2004.5+ G35 models and 350z (not confirmed). If the latter is the case, the ATF Temp Sensors 1 & 2 can be tapped from the harnesses on the sensor end (at the transmission housing); check the factory service manual for your specific vehicle make wiring diagram.

Additional Sensors

Sensor Sensor Name Voltage Range
Fuel Pressure Autometer fuel/oil pressure sending unit
Part # ATM-2246
Oil Pressure Autometer fuel/oil pressure sending unit
Part # ATM-2246


  • Additional sensors can be purchased and installed to add to the stock sensor repertoire. These sensors must be of the 0-5V output.


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