Apple Macintosh Portable Processor-Direct Slot (PPDS)

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Apple Macintosh - Euro-DIN 96-pin Processor-Direct Slot Apple Macintosh - Euro-DIN 96-pin Processor-Direct Slot

The Euro-DIN 96-pin PDS expansion connector on the main logic board is physically and electrically identical to the 68020 Direct Slot used in the Macintosh LC. This slot provides direct access to all of the 68030/020 data and address signals, and a selection of control signals.

Pin Name
a1 GND
a2 +5V
a3 +5V
a4 +5V
a6 /VMA
a7 /BG
a8 /LDS
a9 GND
a10 A2
a11 A5
a12 A8
a13 A11
a14 A14
a15 A17
a16 reserved
a17 n/c
a18 reserved
a19 reserved
a20 D1
a21 D4
a22 D7
a23 D10
a24 D13
a25 +5/3.7V
a26 A19
a27 A22
a28 FC0
a29 /IPL0
a30 /BERR
a31 GND
a32 GND
b1 GND
b2 +5V
b3 +5V
b4 +5V
b6 /BR
b8 /UDS
b9 +5/0V
b10 A3
b11 A6
b12 A9
b13 A12
b14 A15
b15 A18
b16 reserved
b17 reserved
b18 reserved
b19 +12V
b20 D2
b21 D5
b22 D8
b23 D11
b24 D14
b25 +5V
b26 A20
b27 A23
b28 FC1
b29 /IPL1
b31 16M
b32 GND
c1 GND
c2 +5V
c3 +5V
c4 +5V
c5 /VPA
c7 R/W
c8 /AS
c9 A1
c10 A4
c11 A7
c12 A10
c13 A13
c14 A16
c15 reserved
c16 n/c
c17 reserved
c18 reserved
c19 D0
c20 D3
c21 D6
c22 D9
c23 D12
c24 D15
c25 GND
c26 A21
c27 E
c28 FC2
c29 /IPL2
c30 /SYS.RST
c31 GND
c32 GND

Signal Description

  • D0-D15: Unbuffered data bus, bits 0 through 15
  • A1-A23: Unbuffered address bus, bits 1 through 23
  • 16M: 16 MHz clock
  • /EXT.DTACK: External data transfer acknowledge. This signal is an input to the processor logic glue. Assertion delays external generation of the /DTACK signal.
  • E: E(enable) clock
  • /BERR: Bus error signal generated whenever /AS remains low for more than about 250 us.
  • /IPL0-/IPL2: Input priority level lines 0 through 2.
  • /SYS.RST: Initiates a system reset.
  • /SYS.PWR: A signal from the Power Manager indicated that associated circuits should tri-state their outputs and go inte idle state; /SYS.PWR is pulled high (deasserted) during sleep state.
  • /AS: Address strobe
  • /UDS: Upper data strobe
  • /LDS: Lower data strobe
  • R/W: Defines bus transfer as read or write signal
  • /DTACK: Data transfer acknowledge
  • /DELAY.CS: Indicates that a wait state is inserted into the current memory cycle and that you can delay a CS.
  • /BG: Bus grant
  • /BGACK: Bus grant acknowledge
  • /BR: Bus request
  • /VMA: Valid memory access
  • /VPA: Valid peripheral address
  • FC0-FC2: Function code lines 0 through 2
  • +5/0V: Provides +5V when the system is running normally and 0V when the system is in sleep mode.
  • +5/3.7V: Provides +5V when the system is running normally and 3.7V when the system is in sleep mode.


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