Nintendo Gamecube controller connector pinout

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Videogames connector for the Nintendo Gamecube Controller.

Seven (7) pin Nintendo GameCube controller male connector Seven (7) pin Nintendo GameCube controller connector.

Pin Color J1 Function
1 Yellow 2 5V power supply (used by rumble motor).
2 Red 3 DATA line: bi-directional data to/from console, pull-up to 3.43V
3 Green 4 Ground.
4 White 5 Ground (Extrme Skillz GC to USB interface has pins 3+4 wired as common ground).
5 - - Unknown.
6 Blue 1 3.43V logic supply.
7 Black 6 Cable shielding / ground. Usually the same ground of pin 3.


  • This applies to the Extreme Skillz Gamecube to USB adapter.
  • J1: Pinout of the connector inside the controller


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