Apple GeoPort 9 pin

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Image:connector_minidin_9p.png 9 pin Apple mini din connector at the end of the peripheral cable, from the front of the connector.

The back panel of all Power Macintosh models contain two I/O ports for serial telecommunication data.

GeoPort was a serial data system used on some models of the Apple Macintosh. GeoPort modified the “meaning” of the existing Mac serial port pins to add a new high-speed DMA channel that allowed the Mac”s internal sound hardware to emulate various devices such as modems and fax machines. GeoPort could be found on late-model m68k-based machines (the AV series) as well as all pre-USB Power Macintosh models.

Pin Signal Description
1 SCLK (out) Reset pod or get pod attention
2 Sync (in)/SCLK (in) Serial clock from pod (up to 920 Kbit/sec.)
3 TxD- Transmit -
4 Gnd/shield Ground
5 RxD- Receive -
6 TxD+ Transmit +
7 Wake up/TxHS Wake up CPU or do DMA handshake
8 RxD+ Receive +
9 +5V Power to pod (350 mA maximum)


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