Toshiba e310, e330, e335, e350, e740, e750, e755 interface port

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PDA connectors and cables

26 pin Toshiba special connector layout 26 pin Toshiba special connector at the device.

Pin Signal Description
1 +5 V USB
2 - Data USB (slave)
3 + Data USB (slave)
5 +5V (VDD, power out for USB Host)
6 - Data USB (Host)
7 USB internal / external power toggle used with 4.7k ohm resistor and pin 15 below
8 + Data USB (Host)
9-14 Video ??
15 USB internal / external power toggle used with 4.7k ohm resistor and pin 7 above
16,18 USB GND
19,20,21,22 +5 V VCC, system power to e740
23,24,25,26 GND system power to the e740


  • Connect pin 7 and 15 with a 4.7 KOhm resistor directly on the upper connector to toggle e7xx power for the USB hub (without external power).
  • use a double relay to switch both +5V and ground. The relay should be driven by external power. In default position it connects USB power and ground from the PPC. For that connect pin 5 (+5V) with one relay switch defaults position. Connect ground from the PWB to the other switch in default position, it’s connected to the upper connector trough the flex cable with the PPC ground. If external power is connected, the switches go to connect power and ground for USB Hub directly from the external power connector.


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