O2 Xda IIs, O2 Xda III, Dopod 700, I-mate PDA2k, T-Mobile MDA III, Orange SPV M2000, Qtek 9090, Siemens SX66 (Blue Angel) PDA interface port

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PDA connectors and cables

22 pin male Himalaya special connector layout 22 pin male Himalaya special connector at the PDA (keypad up)

Pin Signal Description
1 CAR_MIC_IN Car microphone input
2 GND / SENSE Ground / chassis
3 CAR_AUDIO_R Car audio right output
4 CAR_AUDIO_L Car audio left output
6 RS232_DCD
7 RS232_CTS
8 RS232_TXD
9 RS232_RTS
10 RS232_RXD
11 RS232_DTR
13 USB_VDD USB voltage detection
14 UDC+ USB data positive voltage
15 UDC- USB data ground/negative
16,17,18 GND
19 CAR_ON#
20,21,22 V_ADP +5 volts DC to charge/power the unit



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