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PDA connectors and cables may be used to build simple usb or serial cable (direct connection to PC).

22 pin male Himalaya special connector layout 22 pin male Himalaya special connector at the PDA (keypad up)

iPAQ 19/22/38/39/54/5500 connector

also for HP iPAQ rw6100,RX3115,RX3715,RZ1710,RZ1715 and T-mobile iPAQ h6315

Pin Signal Description
1, 2, 3, 4 V_ADP
5 Reserved – Do Not Use
6 DCD RS-232 Data Carry Detect
7 RXD RS-232 Receive Data, ←, GPS T
8 TXD RS-232 Transmit Data, →, GPS R
9 DTR RS-232 Data Terminal Ready
10 GND GPS -
11 DSR RS-232 Data Set Ready
12 RTS RS-232 Request To Send
13 CTS RS-232 Clear To Send
14 RING RS-232 Ring
15 GND
16 No Connect – Do Not Use
17 USB Detect
18 No Connect – Do Not Use
19 USB – UDC + USB Data+
20 No Connect – Do Not Use
21 USB – UDC - USB Data-
22 GND


  • There is no serial port support in HP H6315 - use USB connection.
  • There is also no com port connected (pins 6-9 and 11-14) in h1910?
  • Serial port (pins 6-9 and 11-14) not implemented on iPaq series 19XX.


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