Handspring Visor Deluxe

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PDA connectors and cables

Pinout of the Visor Deluxe PDA. Serial port voltages are 3.3V. Pin 1 is on the left, as the Visor Deluxe lies screen down on a table with the connector nearest you and the Springboard slot furthest away from you. Connector at the Bottom of the PDA

Bottom of the PDA

Pin Name Direction Description
1 RX Data OUT 3.3V input to Visor Deluxe serial port
2 Keyboard Detect OUT 3.3V input to notify Visor Deluxe of presence of external keyboard
3 Hotsync interrupt OUT 3.3V input to notify Visor Deluxe that Hotsync button on cradle was pushed
4 Ground - Ground
5 USB + Data IN/OUT USB D+ line
6 USB - Data IN/OUT USB D- line
7 VDock - Voltage from cradle. Connects internally to some Springboard modules to recharge onboard batteries.
8 TX Data IN 3.3V output from Visor Deluxe serial port



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