Lowrance iFinder GPS

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Image:Connector_gps_lowrance_ifinder_7pin.png‎ Lowrance iFinder GPS 7 pin connector

This connector is available on the Lowrance iFinder, AirMap 600C, PhD, H2O, Hunt, and other units.

Pin Name Description
1 ext. power 3.3v externally regulated. DO NOT FEED WITH 12 VOLTS!
2 serial in RS232 data, connect straight to PC com port
3 serial out RS232 data, connect straight to PC com port
4 ground signal ground
5 headphone select ground this pin to disable internal beeper and send audio out connector instead
6 left audio for the firmware’s mp3/ogg player, of course
7 right audio and the waypoint voicenote feature, too


  • The PC-DI7 cable uses four pins, but doesn’t bring out the audio connections for simultaneous use as an audio player.


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