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Bosch connector Bosch connector

Pin Name Signal Description Direction
1 VIN Input voltage - supply pin IN
2 C-BUS Bi-directional serial control bus IN/OUT
3 I-BUS Data input (internal 100k pullup) IN
4 PA_BIAS_ON Trigger signal synchronous withr TX burst
5 V-BATT Connected directly to the MS battery
6 HF_ENABLE HF enable output
7 IGNITION Sensing ignition (in car kit)
8 D-BUS Data output OUT
9 CHG-ID Charger ID - detects type of charger
10 GND Ground-this pin is checked by HF
11 A-UL Analog input to phone
12 AGND Analog ground
13 A-DL Analog output from phone
14 AGND Analog ground
15 EQUIP-ID Pulled low by HF, internal pullup 100k
16 GND Ground


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