Buell ECM

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connector or cable wiring scheme for all buell XB ecm

           gray                     black 
     _/1  2  3  4  5  6_        _/1  2  3  4  5  6_ 

Schematics for the ECM as used on the Buell XB series

Pin Name Description
b1 +12v
b2 Ground
b3 Fuell pump
b4 engine lamp
b5 Injector front
b6 Coil front
b7 Coil rear
b8 Injector rear
b9 not connected for XB9, XB12 unknown
b10 Bank Angle Sensor
b11 Ground for coil
b12 Tachometer
solo gray plug
g1 +5 for sensors
g2 TPS Throttle Position Sensor
g3 Camshaft position sensor
g4 Oxygen sensor
g5 +12 unswitched from battery
g6 Fan
g7 Ground for sensors
g8 Vehicle speed sensor
g9 Engine Temperature Sensor
g10 Intake Air Temperature sensor
g11 Serial Recieve Data RX
g12 Serial Transmit Data TX



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