PCI Express 1x

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PCI Express 1x - 36 pin Female Connector PCI Express 1x - 36 pin Female Connector

PCI Express was introduced to overcome the limitations of the original PCI bus. Developed and released by Intel over a decade ago, the original PCI bus operated at 33MHz and 32 bits with a peak theoretical bandwidth of 132MB per second. It used a shared bus topology - bus bandwidth is shared among multiple devices - to enable communication among the different devices on the bus.

Pin Side B Connector Side A Connector
# Name Description
1 +12v +12 volt power
2 +12v +12 volt power
3 RSVD Reserved
4 GND Ground
5 SMCLK SMBus clock
6 SMDAT SMBus data
7 GND Ground
8 +3.3v +3.3 volt power
10 3.3Vaux 3.3v volt power
11 WAKE# Link Reactivation
12 RSVD Reserved
13 GND Ground
14 HSOp(0) Transmitter Lane 0, Differential pair
15 HSOn(0) GND
16 GND Ground
17 PRSNT#2 Hotplug detect
18 GND Ground


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